Bakasyon Engrande 2010

Well, Hello There!

I've always looked forward to spending vacations with my family. Whether it was joining their company outings, family gatherings in the provinces or some simple out-of-town trips, I looked forward to just plain having fun, spending quality time and getting away from boring monotony.

Fast forward to today's time, I've always wanted to give back. I wanted to give my parents the best rest and relaxation I can currently provide and it has become a yearly thing. Previous sojourns were at Cebu, Boracay and Singapore. This year, we're doing Macau and Hong Kong, and I'm really looking forward to this one.

I never really thought that I've enjoyed all this planning. It wasn't planned but the fares (of a carrier, Cebu Pacific) were irresistible. It has been two months since I started preparing for this trip.  Weeks after, I've placed, cancelled and changed some hotel reservations, inquired on restaurants, places of interests, etc. I guess we're all set, plane tickets and hotel reservations are booked and finalized.. even restaurants! I've completed our itinerary which I hope will be a relaxing and fun-filled one. HK-Macau, here we come :)

One Response so far.

  1. Jasper says:

    ehhrr. grabe naman planning yan.. walang impromptu? baka pati sasakyan at isusubo ha? hihi

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