Wow! Wonderful! Welcoming! W Hotel Hong Kong

The emails I got were full of W Words. Last weekend, we stayed at the W Hotel Hong Kong. It was wonderful! The room we got was at the 37th Floor (out of 38) but had a city / courtyard facing view. Next time, maybe I can also try the harbor facing rooms!


I guess some people don’t like the location – it’s a little farther from your normal TST area in Kowloon. But I think it’s the opposite. It’s atop the airport express – so it’s convenient if you come from the airport. It’s near the China Terminal if you come in the airport from the ferry (probably from Macau). It's on an MTR station - very convenient if you want to go to Disneyland. There's a free shuttle service to TST area too if you need to go around TST or take the MTR from there. And, it was quiet and peaceful. The high-end elements mall, just below the hotel is just a few steps away!

The pool is lovely! It is advertised as the highest pool in Hong Kong, up at the 76th floor. It is an infinity pool, making you feel that you'd fall when you reach the edge. The area is windy, but the pool is warm. There's also a jacuzzi at the side for more warmth. The hotel also provides apples and complimentary water aside from towels. It's such a beautiful place. I've seen pictures of it too at night, too bad I wasn't able to visit.
We also ate buffet at one of their restaurants - Kitchen. There was a wide array of good food during lunch.
And the hotel room - GREAT! I love the beds. The heavenly beds lived up to its marketing name- it was heavenly! I didn't want to leave! They have a good turndown service too at night where they change the lights and the bed settings. You can choose light settings from day, night or sleep. And the amenities - WOW! Bliss spa products! The rain shower - lovely! Everything about the room - wonderful!
Overall, it was a nice experience at a wonderful hotel. All exceeding expectations. W Hong Kong, I'll definitely be back!

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  1. Jasper says:

    aba'y bakasyunista talaga

  2. Aaviel says:

    Looks expensive. I'd love to try that infinity pool. Did you use your points? :)

  3. looks expensive, but best part of it all is that its free :)
    yes, i used my points :)

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