Ola Macau!

Aside from the casinos, Macau is known for once being a Portuguese colony, and with limited time to tour the area, this was our target: the historic centre of Macau which is part of the Unesco World Heritage List.

We started our day by waking up really early, to be able to see a lot of sites. Our priority was to see the historic city center then if we have time go to Macau tower and other sites. Our points’ redemption entitled us to free breakfast which costs 35 MOP per person when paid. It was ok, there were some noodles, soup, and other breakfast items available. The ones I liked were the dumpling which ran out easily (they were able to refill it shortly before we left) and the apple juice. It wasn’t fancy, but it was worth its price. As early as 8am, we were already at the Senado Square.

 We actually didn’t know how to navigate the area, just followed the street signs and see if I was able to recognize some popular attractions.

I heard that the general area was crowded especially on weekends. Either we were just lucky or we were just too early. I think it was the latter. The museum was still closed that time and people started trickling in when we were about to leave. At around 9:30am, we still had much time to go to Macau tower, but decided not to push through. Instead, we went to the casinos and played for over an hour (and luckily won some amount) then prepared for check-out.

Check-out was smooth, they returned the credit card slip of deposit and we took their shuttle which arrived just as advertised. At the ferry terminal, it was hard to spot the First Ferry Macau ticket counter against all its competitors. We asked around, led to the wrong area, but was eventually led to their departure counter. I’m not too sure if it was the ticket counter, but they sold tickets anyway. After a few minutes, cleared immigration and was bound for Hong Kong.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Jasper says:

    that was definitely a quick trip! sana you stayed longer

  2. para meron pang babalikan next time :) .. i think all of us agree that it is worth going back to, next time with my sister (who soo wanted to go to hong kong)

  3. Anonymous says:

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